Keep City College of San Francisco Open For All

City College of San Francisco is the only viable option for tens of thousands of residents to access equal educational opportunities, and its survival is among the most pressing civil rights and social justice issues facing our community.

Chinese for Affirmative Action has launched this campaign to give voice to those who believe all elected officials should be held accountable for making sure City College remains open for all 85,000 of its students.

Move City College Forward

We ask you to demonstrate your support by signing our letter to make sure decision makers do everything in their power to help City College retain accreditation and continue serving all its students. Our letter outlines principles addressed to the three people who can most immediately help City College — Mayor Ed Lee, California Community Colleges Chancellor Brice Harris, and City College Special Trustee Bob Agrella — and demand that they champion and move City College forward.

See the full letter to read all the principles. They reflect a commitment to equity that says every student matters and that learning must be the first priority. Voters support public education and officials must maintain the clear progress already made by faculty and staff towards meeting accreditation standards while championing enrollment now.

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